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Making sick children better.

Dr John Chapman FRCPCH

Consultant Paediatrician (NHS & Private)

 General Paediatrics, Asthma and Allergy

Competition & Marketing Authority (CMA)Compliance

Every Private Doctor must provide you with certain information as set out by the CMA. My information is below and is accurate as of February 2018. 

You can also view a copy here

Outpatient Appointment

Thank you for choosing to see me at The East Point Consulting Rooms (James Paget Hospital), The Spire Norwich Hospital or The Acle Medical Centre for your outpatient consultation. This letter sets out some important information that I am required by law to provide to you. This is for your information only and is not a bill. As this includes information about my charges, if you do not have private medical insurance but someone else will be paying your bill, you may wish to pass a copy of this letter to them. Please note that even if someone else is paying your bill or you have private medical insurance, you are responsible for paying any charges which they do not pay.

Consultation Fee

My fee for an initial consultation will not exceed £200 and my fee for any follow-up consultation will not exceed £150. These estimates are correct as at the date of this letter.

Following your consultation you may need certain tests (such as blood tests or imaging, for example an X-ray, MRI or CT scan) to help me diagnose your condition. If the test is undertaken by the clinic or hospital, and not by me, the fees for those tests will be determined by the clinic or hospital and charged to you, or your private medical insurer, separately.

If there are any fees which I will charge in relation to any of the tests I advise that you have, I will let you know what those will be.

Private Medical Insurance

If you have private medical insurance, please contact your insurer before your consultation, to check the terms of your policy, particularly the level and type of outpatient cover you have, including any reimbursement limits on individual consultation fees.

I am recognised by the private medical insurers listed at the end of this letter.

Please note you are responsible for any fees not covered by your insurer.

Financial Interests

I am legally obliged to tell you if I have any financial interests in the East Point Consulting Rooms (James Paget Hospital), The Spire Norwich Hospital or The Acle Medical Centre or any equipment there. I can confirm I do not have any such financial interests.

Quality Information

You can compare independent information about the quality of private treatment offered at the hospital and other private healthcare providers from the Private Healthcare Information Network (PHIN) website:

I look forward to welcoming you to one of my clinics

Yours sincerely

Dr John P Chapman FRCPCH (UK)

Consultant Paediatrician

Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia/Norwich Medical School

I am recognised by the following private medical insurers:

  • BUPA
  • Aviva Health
  • Cigna
  • PruVitality PruHealth
  • Simply Health
  • WPA
  • Benenden


Indicative costs

First appointment £200

First appointment with 6 food allergy testing £250

Follow up appointment (if wanted) £150

Video-consultation (new patient) £150

Video-consultation (follow up) £100

Allergy Desensitisation programme available for various allergens (e.g. pollens, house dust mite, animals). £3000 spread over three years covering all visits, medication, VAT etc.


ISAC 112 Allergy blood test £400 blood test plus telephone/video discussion of results

Extended Allergy Skin Prick testing (usually at a second Appointment) £200 payable to JPUH

Overnight Pulse Oximetry Studies £495 payable to JPUH

Spirometry Breathing Test £100 payable to JPUH

Nitric Oxide Asthma Test (NIOX) £100 payable to JPUH

Blood tests prices (variable depending on testing required) payable to JPUH

Common tests

Urea & Electrolytes £14.20

Full Blood Count £9.90

Coeliac Screen £20.76