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Making sick children better.

Dr John Chapman FRCPCH

Consultant Paediatrician (NHS & Private)

 General Paediatrics, Asthma and Allergy

Book an Asthma Review

Asthma Review

The truth about asthma is that most people with asthma can get to a position of having no problems with their asthma if they are taking enough of the right medicines.

Too many people accept “better” when they could reach 100% well.

It is just a matter of…

  • having the correct diagnosis
  • Taking the right medicine
  • Taking the right medicine in the right dosage
  • Taking the right medicine in the right dosage using the right inhaler device for you
  • And keeping up taking your medicine even when you feel better.

What will an Asthma Review do for your child?

I will make sure that your child has the correct diagnosis. There is no diagnostic test for asthma, it is a diagnosis reached after consideration of the history of the patient and maybe some testing. It is a fact that some children will be diagnosed with asthma when they actually have something else: clearly these children will not benefit from asthma treatments.

  • I would review your child's symptoms, examination, previous tests and response to treatment.
  • I would discuss with you the benefits of tests for your child such as Spirometry or Nitric Oxide breath testing to help clarify the diagnosis or assess severity. There is an additional cost for these tests payable to the James Paget Hospital if you are self funding. costs
  • I will tell you whether or not I think that your child has asthma and, if not, what I think that their diagnosis is.
  • I will write an asthma plan for your child in line with best practice and national guidance.
  • I will make recommendations to your GP regarding their current treatment and any changes that I think are necessary. You will also have a copy of this for future reference.
  • I can instruct you and your child in the recommended techniques of the use of your child's asthma inhalers to ensure that they get optimal treatment in the future..
  • I can arrange follow up in my Private Clinic if you wish to make sure that your child is improving or to answer any new questions you may have.

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If you do want your child to have an Asthma Review with me then you can